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Kelley Stahl, MD

Internal Medicine located in Cumming, GA

Dr. Kelley Stahl, MD, with Stahl Primary Care in Cumming, GA practices direct primary care which provides patients with very individualized and consistent care as part of a subscription service. It’s a medical business model that’s growing in popularity because healthcare is changing. With a direct primary care plan, patients get the best care at an affordable price without the hassle of waiting in a queue when they need help.

Primary Care with a Doctor Who Listens

What is Direct Primary Care for the Masses, or Direct Primary Care?

Concierge Care for the Masses is also known as Direct Primary Care. It was born out of the need for affordable medical care that creates a relationship between the patient and physician. In today’s changing medical landscape, patients end up seeing whatever doctor is available but even then, they wait for weeks for an appointment. With direct primary care, patients keep their personal doctor on retainer, eliminating the revolving door and long wait times.

With direct primary care services like the ones Dr. Stahl offers, patients get basic health care with no office fee or long wait as part of their monthly subscription plan.

What comes with each plan?

Dr. Stahl offers four plans with her service. Each plan level is based on the age of the patient:

  • Child plan = 15-22 years of age, available only with a parent plan
  • Young Adult plan = 23-44 years of age
  • Adult plan = 44-64 years of age
  • Senior plan = 65 and over

There’s a slight adjustment in subscription fee as patients grow older.

How often do you pay for each plan?

The plans require a monthly subscription fee with a 3-month minimum commitment. When signing up for the service, the patient fills out an authorization form that pays this fee automatically each month, so there are no checks to write or bills to remember. Each plan renews after a year, ensuring that each patient maintains proper healthcare coverage.

What is included in a subscription plan?

When patients opt for a direct primary care service, they’re essentially putting Dr. Stahl on retainer, so they have medical care when they need it. The plan covers most essential services that patients might need through the year, such as:

  • One EKG
  • Strep tests for a small fee
  • Nebulizer treatments for a small fee
  • Injection Administration
  • Office visits
  • Wholesale generic meds

By signing up for a plan, patients have 24/7 access to Dr. Stahl along with guaranteed same or next day appointments. 

What patients get rid of is just as important when looking at the benefits of having direct primary care. Patients no longer have to worry about getting in to see their doctor if they get sick. Dr. Stahl’s plan is a promise, one that says patients will never have to wait for quality care.


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